Last Mile

The real impact of Agile comes in the form of our Last Mile HUB.


Strategically located on Edge Lane, the facilities primary purpose is to encourage delivery operators to use as a key part of their transportation supply chain. Avoid the congestion of the city and allow Agile to make the delivery when the customer is sure to be in.  After work delivery service could save you multiple delivery attempts and money!  The HUB will be the platform which will demonstrate to business that cargo bikes are a viable option for deliveries.

Agile feel that key to shifting the modality from van to cargo bike lies in the hands of individuals, both tradespersons and customers. Through the provision of affordable self-storage and a park and ride facility for tradespersons, the Hub will be the platform for business to understand and build their cargo bike experience at their own pace.

As more and more people are choosing products and services due to their environmental credentials, a business which uses a zero emission low polluting vehicle can feel good about itself and satisfy its customers’ demands.